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“Keep in mind all our work is for the future. Let us spare not, nor look back, but go forward unlimited with all our powers.”

– Fred Jones

The Beginnings

Fred Jones Manufacturing Company began in 1938 with four men reconditioning engines and component parts in a 400-square-foot corner of Jones’s Oklahoma City automobile dealership. By 1947, Jones opened a new assembly plant in downtown Oklahoma City to rebuild Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury products. He would go on to become the nation’s #1 seller of Ford cars and trucks in 1955.

By 1956, the company had already rebuilt over 100,000 engines and Fred Jones opened his automatic transmission rebuilding division. Eight years later, that number would become 200,000 and the company had expanded to Atlanta, GA and Jacksonville, FL. In 1965, Fred Jones was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, the company produced its one millionth fuel pump, and the company’s total sales since inception reached over $5.5 million.

1968 – 1990

In 1968 Fred Jones purchased the Ford assembly building in Oklahoma City and, within one year, the remodeled 250,000 square foot manufacturing plant was opened.

When Mr. Jones passed away in 1971, Vernon “Nick” Nicholson was appointed as President of Fred Jones Manufacturing.  In 1972, Chris Speligene was named President of the Company.

Mr. Jones’ wife, Mary Eddy Jones was actively involved in the direction of the Company after his death, as was his Daughter, Marylin Jones Parsons.

Mr. Jones’ three Grandsons, Brooks Hall Jr., Fred Jones Hall, and Kirkland Hall were instrumental in the achievements of the Company through the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Their vision was for Fred Jones Manufacturing, by then Autocraft Industries, to become a public Company.  This vision was realized through the purchase of the Company by Aftermarket Technology Corporation in 1998.

By 1971, Fred Jones Manufacturing Company was serving 2,500 dealers through district distribution offices and warehouses spanning from New Mexico to Florida. In 1986, Fred Jones Manufacturing Company had rebuilt one million engines and Fred Jones Industries received Ford Motor Company’s prestigious Q-1 rating for quality.


In 1991, the company opened its second plant, in Bethany, OK, to rebuild General Motors transmission assemblies and electromechanical products. In 1994, while, the company was starting work at 9901 Reno Avenue in Oklahoma City, Fred Jones was inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame. The next year, the company’s remanufactured transmissions division moved to Westhall Commerce Center in West Oklahoma City, becoming the nation’s largest automatic transmission operation. In 1996, Fred Jones Manufacturing Company would become the first Oklahoma company to receive the “Big Three” automakers quality certification, the prestigious designation of QS-9000.

Modern History

In 1997, Fred Jones Manufacturing Company purchased its U.K. facility and the remanufacturing section of Fred Jones Manufacturing was renamed Autocraft Industries. By 1998, Autocraft Industries was purchased by Aftermarket Technology Corporation. In 2003, the company began remanufacturing transmissions for Honda. In 2006, Autocraft Industries won a new 6 speed FWD transmission contract with GM and Ford. ATC Drivetrain, Inc got its name in 2008 when Aaron’s Automotive and Autocraft Industries (including Autocraft Industries UK) were renamed.

In May, 2019 ATC acquired ATP Automotive Transmission Remanufacturing Specialists Limited, ATP Electronic Developments Limited and ATP Holidings USA, LLC (collectively “ATP”) from ATP’s founder Alan Smart. Founded in 1969, ATP is a Cannock, United Kingdom-based leading European independent remanufacturer of automatic transmissions, including torque converters and automated manual transmissions, electronics and mechatronics, as well as a manufacturer of diagnostics systems and providing associated services. ATP’s client base includes various European and global OEMs, and suppliers in Europe and North America.

In October, 2019 ATC launched a joint venture with Luwote (Zhangjiagang) Power Remanufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. (“Luwote”) in Zhangjiagang, China. The joint venture provides a local solution for the remanufacturing of automotive engines and transmissions for ATC’s existing global customer base in China as well provides local automobile manufactures with the highest quality remanufactured engines and transmissions in the China market.  ATC is the majority partner in the JV.

Today, under the leadership of President and CEO, Greg Heald, the company is as active as it has ever been in the areas of growth, quality, technological advancements, and environmental considerations.

In August 2021, ATC acquired the UK’s leading heavy commercial drivetrain remanufacturer, HL Smith Transmissions. Founded in 1955 by Harold L Smith, it initially focused on repairing and rebuilding axles for U.S built Dodge trucks that had made their way into the UK’s general haulage industry following the war. HL Smith went on to become the UK’s first remanufacturer of major heavy commercial drivetrain components incorporating gearboxes, driveheads & differentials, Steering Boxes and Propshafts.

With the acquisition of HL Smith, ATC is now able to provide remanufacturing services for the broadest applications in the industry, from the smallest passenger vehicles up to heavy commercial and military vehicles.

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