Remanufacturing Benefits

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The process of remanufacturing recaptures the original value of the product. Approximately 85% of the energy expended in the manufacture of the original product is preserved in the remanufactured version. Remanufacturing is considered the ultimate form of recycling.

ATC specializes in the remanufacturing process which requires:

  • Complete disassembly of a transmission or engine and subsequent salvage of suitable components
  • Reassembly of transmissions and engines with a combination of new and recovered components

Remanufacturing brings the products up to, or above the performance level of a new transmission or engine. “Like-new” parts yield tremendous cost savings when compared to new replacement components.

  • Remanufacturing salvages approximately 80% of the material in the core (by weight)
  • Engineers develop reclaim processes to reduce material cost, providing improved value to our customers
  • Additive and subtractive manufacturing process are developed to bring products back to OEM specifications

A product is considered remanufactured if:

  • Its primary components come from a used product
  • The used product is dismantled to the extent necessary to determine the condition of its components
  • The used product’s components are thoroughly cleaned and rendered free of rust and corrosion
  • All missing, defective, broken, or substantially worn parts are reworked to “as new” condition, or
    they are replaced with new, or reclaimed components
  • The product is reassembled and a determination is made that it will operate like a similar new product
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