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ATC is the remanufacturer of choice for an international “who’s who” of blue-chip automakers. We are the largest independent Original Equipment Supplier (OES) transmission remanufacturer in the world with an ever-growing capacity of over 1 million square feet of factory and warehouse floor space.

We utilize a unique combination of progressive engineering and state of the art equipment to produce “like new” products such as transmissions and engines. Our efforts reduce both the amount of waste material and the expense of warranty fulfillment, resulting in elevated environmental standards, higher profits for our customers, and lower cost for consumers.

The testing capability at ATC assures customers unparalleled quality. We test 100% of our remanufactured transmissions and engines – 4 to 5 times the number of test points versus competitors.

ATC’s future has never been brighter than today. We continue to pursue global expansion while maintaining a culture that prioritizes the safety and confidence of our product end-users.

Our key tenets of lean business tools and processes include:

Safety – High-quality parts – On time delivery – Lower costs – Higher profitability – Customer satisfaction

ATC possesses the following certifications:

ATC is compliant with ISO9001 and AIAG MMOG/LE, and certified to IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 quality, material and environmental standards. ATC has also been awarded the prestigious Ford Q1 Gold Rating, a rating reserved for the top 5% of qualifying suppliers.


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