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With a strong background in automotive diagnostics, ATC offers turnkey engineering solutions to support the OEM throughout the development cycle. Many projects are specific to investigating warranty concerns and developing processes, software or objective tooling that OEMs integrate into their service platforms. Additionally, ATC offers Quality Audit, Production Rework and Warranty Analysis for OEMs.

Quality Audits
Newly assembled products are tested before disassembly. Each torque is captured, and every dimension is measured, providing the OEM with an independent report that can be utilized to audit series-produced parts.

Warranty Analysis
ATC can assist OEMs by analyzing warranty units from the field. Units are thoroughly analyzed and disassembled, with a summary report of findings (including a dynamometer report) delivered to the OEM to support warranty mitigation efforts.

Production Rework
While working with the OE production plant, ATC can rework new series produced parts to incorporate a late engineering change or correct an identified production issue.



• Product Design
• Quality Audits
• Warranty Analysis
• Testing & Vehicle Validations
• HV Battery Tester
• Diagnostic Tools
• Production Rework

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