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ATC continues to expand remanufacturing competencies to support the industry’s global migration to electrification. To support the circular economy of EV batteries, ATC is engaged in three of the four stages of a battery’s life cycle—Remanufacturing, Reuse, and Recycling—to optimize the cost savings for our customers and minimize the impact on the environment.

In addition to HV batteries, ATC has the global capability to remanufacture all components that convert energy from the battery to drive the vehicle.

Product Bulletins:
• Toyota Prius Gen 2 Battery – 2004-2009
• Toyota Prius Gen 3 Battery – 2009-2017
• Toyota Prius C Battery – 2012-2018
• Toyota Camry/Avalon/Lexus Battery – 2012-2019
• Honda Civic Hybrid Battery – 2003-2005
• Honda Civic Hybrid Battery – 2006-2011


• HV Battery (NiMH, LiON)
Electric Drive Units
2nd Life Products
Marine Products
HV Battery Recycling

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