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ATC Drivetrain Transmission

The world’s largest independent Original Equipment Supplier (OES) remanufacturer, ATC produces remanufactured transmissions. This process reduces the amount of waste material and the expense of warranty fulfillment, resulting in elevated environmental standards, higher customer profits, and lower consumer costs.

Each transmission is disassembled, cleaned, and every subcomponent inspected. Through extensive testing procedures of each component and sub-component and 100% end-of-line dynamometer tests, ATC provides a high-quality transmission at or better than the same standards as brand-new parts. In addition, we incorporate previous upgrades to ensure value and compatibility with every remanufactured transmission.


• Automatic Gearboxes
• Manual Gearboxes
• CVT Transmissions
• Torque Converters
• Clutches
• Off Highway Transmissions

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